Glaghghee came to us in May of 2003 when my then next-door neighbor Jerry knocked on my door, said, “here’s the kitten your wife said she wanted,” thrust a small, furry thing into my hands, and then walked off. I looked at the small puff of fur, literally no larger than my hand, said “okay” to myself and then took it upstairs with me.

Then I called my wife, who was at work, and the conversation went like this:

Me: You didn’t tell me you ordered a cat.

Krissy: I ordered a what?

Me: A cat.

Krissy: I didn’t order a cat.

Me: Jerry just came over with a kitten that he said you wanted. He mentioned you specifically.

Krissy: Oh, lord. I was talking to him the other day and he said that his cat had had kittens and that he thought that one of them was an albino…

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         Today i thought i will write about little Johnny. everone knows him. by everyone i mean every single person who has ever walked this earth. Little Johnny is not
a very amiable character and is disliked by some, ignored by some, intimidated by some others. little Johnny himself has no good self – esteem to make matters worse.
         Today morning lil’ johny woke up. but he was very reluctant to get out of bed. he was thinking why should i go for work. its better i stay at home and get some more sleep. but somehow little Johny reaches his workplace.He finds the corner of the room where he wont be much bothered. and then he wonders why no one is talking to him. he makes a few attempts then keeps to himself again.
         its afternoon and he somehow does some work and goes shopping. at the shop he picks up a expensive looking item. the shop assistant comes over to help and that is when johnny starts fumbling around. he mumbles to whatever the shopkeeper asks. at times he is irritated and then he wonders why these shop assistants are of no help. he does not want them to hover behind him. finally he grabs something and having paid walks out of the shop.
        as he is walking along Johnny trips over and hits a woman. he hastily mumbles a sorry and keeps walking. but he keeps thinking about what happened and how it happened and how he could have avoided it. and he works himself into a frenzy.
        at night johny is at home with the family. he is sitting in the living room and listening to what his family members are talking in the other room. but when they directly talk to him most of it wont register in his head. he would be busy thinking about what happened during the day and how it could have been different etc.
little Johny goes on and on like this.well, he is a very short person. never really bothers to keep himself neat. scruffy looking and wierd.he is almost always intimidated or irritated with others for no good reason. he always speculates on what another person might say or do and tries to work around that.
        you see him walking around, going about his business, sometimes idling, sometimes wistful, sometimes depressed, sometimes overjoyous, sometimes plain irritating, sometimes irritated and it goes on and on. one can never fully understand lil’ johny.
        all of you must have recognized by now who this johny really is. yes, thats true. he is so small he lives inside you and me. that is why i said in the beginning some just ignore him, some despise him but keep him close, some finds comfort in his company and some has plain overgrown him. but he is always there lurking around the corner and wondering what the person who just walked past him is thinking about.

                                    the rythm

                              the smell of damp                               

            soil                                                     cold

                               arrows piercing                               


 emotion                                                       awakens  

                             little joys seek me 

          myriad                                         beauty  

                                      gladens .

                               I should start by saying im lost. well, not in real life but right here on wordpress. i have been considered as technically superior and web savvy. and when i found a long lost friend’s very words on this blogsite i was inspired to leave my mark here too. with confidence i created my own blogsite and logged in. and then just like that i was lost. i had no idea (like never before) as to what i should do.  i clicked on every link available on the page to figure how to atleast change the drab appearance of this screen leave alone upload something.

              i should also inform you all im sitting in the offce of my first ever job and surfing page after page of God-knows-what to entertain  myself. As usual the malayalees around doesnt seem to want to tallk or is it that i intimidate them being a hardly five foot and confident know all gal? if they are waiting for me to start i guess there is a better chance of me turning into a snowleopard. wait , wait dont get the impression im a loner who never opens my mouth and scowls at everyone . no that im not and once i start talking you cant stop me. the signs of social silence is making me rant here since i have to give expression to the heavy inflow of words knocking at my heart.

                   The office does provide me with milkless tea two times a day which of course keeps me awake. otherwise by this time i would have curled up on this very desk and gone off into the land of dreams in just under a second. oh the tea is keeping me awake at night too. you may be wondering why i do not say  no to the Tea. i cannot bring myself to because the person bringing the tea is the only evidence of a social act going on here . hey by the way a tasmanian devil has taken shelter on the roof of this bulding and mocks at me which i consider very social of him since he gives me more attention than the humans here. ( i call him tasmanian devil because well i dont know any other name for this  creature with a rat-like face and the body of a dog and the tail of … i forget; no matter).

                  By this time you would have realized im really lost. where was i? yes, i was talking about being lost on wordpress and im writing this to just check if this will appear as a post on my blogsite. all of you out there there is more coming your way.. mark my words if have not figured out how to make my blog the best in the locality i might as well turn into a snow leopard. you might be wondering what is with all the snowleopards. i will tell you in my very next post. love signing off SL